Tuesday, June 7

how to be confident,,

actually , mula2 i think that i cannot do thing better , becoz always feel wat i'm doin' now is all wrong . after that i try to search in internet how to be confident . then i found 1 youtube about it . and i feel it very good enough to be share with u all.and this is the link here . this hav from part 1 to part 6. after i do all the step given .i fell myself more confident indeal with others . and i'm now still trying not to think about what other's think about me.

1) believe in urself (percaya diri sendiri)
2)list wat ur good in and wat not.
3) just do wat u want instead of try it.
4)ignore wat people judge about urself & prove that u are better than wat that say
5)lastly,if u hav confident bout urself ,people will hav more confident in dealing wif u.


giv ur response after u do the above step..

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